Our Services Include

Administrative Law

  1. Public Procurement (Assets, services, consultancy and Works).
    • Selection processes (International Agencies)
    • Recruitment process (Peruvian Regulations)
    • Concessions
    • Public-Private Partnerships
  2. Public Investment
  3. Regulatory Procedures: We provide advice and services on issues of market access. Such as:
    • Health and Sanitation
    • Investments
    • Energy and mines
    • Environment
    • Municipal Affairs
    • Competition, consumer’s right and bureaucratic barriers.
    • Patrimonial Restructuring
    • Intellectual Property
  4. anctioning Procedures
  5. Dispute Settlements::
    • Negotiation
    • Mediation
    • Conciliation
    • Decision-making Conciliation
    • Arbitration
    • Amicable Composition
  6. Annulment and execution of arbitration awards
  7. Administrative litigation: Special processes, urgent processes
  8. Criminal actions

Constitutional Law

We are committed to a legal defense of administrative issues from the scope of the constitutional process:

  1. Through the specific analysis of the rules that regulate the act or administrative decision; and,
  2. Through the analysis of administrative rules, but validating and verifying not only the presumption of its validity, but the constitutional content inherent to it.

Both approaches allow us to get efficient and favorable results in the short term.

Environmental Law

Legal advice enriched with technical experts in environmental matters. The area includes analysis of the applicable legal framework, environmental management instruments (economic valuation of natural resources, environmental impact assessments, land use planning, etc.), environmental stewardship and responsibility, natural resources, biodiversity, productive activities and services, among others.